168 Film Festival To Do List

You may wonder what goes on in preparation for a film festival. In the final days before Aug. 20-21, you'd think we're pulling our hair out in preparation for the myriad of details that we have to manage. And you're right, to a degree.  But, as you can see, lots of hair left...

Job one for us is to validate, uplift and encourage all of our very talented filmmakers in their work and in their spiritual life.

So what does that look like?
Dwayne Tarver, John David Ware, Melissa Trevan (L-R)

Well, good question.  Of course we are always praying, for us, for the artists and for the show.

We are busy arranging the most exciting presenters possible to give awards and walk the red carpet. We are planning the film playback, awards show, DVD, program book and on and on and on.

It's a juggling act for sure because there is so much to do. That's why we pray a lot!

I'm very thankful for our Executive Director, Dwayne Tarver, who works tirelessly and with an eye on excellence.

AND our efforts would be completely in vain without the support of our wonderful volunteers.

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Take a peek to learn about the films that are screening. Then get tickets for friends, neighbors and family, who's lives will be touched by these great films based God's Word!
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