168 Year in Review

Right now I am in Ohio.  The snow blankets the ground and laughs of children echo in my head.  These are the future of our world!

Nicholas and Camryn in Ohio (summer)


Through our ministry, we have seen the quality of Christian films greatly improve. This will allow Christian ideas to re-emerge in the culture. We also endeavor to support churches and missionaries to help them draw many to Jesus Christ through film.

Youth is the future of our world and they love stories (like all of us).  If they are led by media towards Christ, then we can WIN the generation. But, how to urge kids on toward faith and good deeds?

168 is different in that we do not attempt to fit into the Hollywood system. We are developing excellent storytellers for both secular and Christian audiences.  We are leading artists to achieve on God's terms, telling stories without gratuitous elements and refusing to bow to the appetites of the day.
Through story, we have a megaphone to the culture. Our opportunities for exponential ministry growth are engineered by the Lord and will soon be realized.  We need your help to be able to contain all of the blessings to be realized by His grace and by your financial support.
Please help us to communicate the love of Jesus in the language of the day (film & TV) by equipping new artists professionally and spiritually to speak in parables to the world.   


Some 168 Highlights: The Evangelista Award ($1,000) honors the best telling of the gospel of Jesus. "Evangelista" has raised the bar for "Gospel Films." Better films means more will listen.  Mission 168 is a new program, to serve visionary missions organizations in need of exposure by calling for film project ideas from non-profits and then matching them with a team to make a film.  The Write of Passage Short Screenwriting Competition is a one-week, mentored contest, which teaches writers as they compete. They develop redemptive, inspirational stories that honor God. One of our writers said, "Write of Passage serves as an excellent way to push Christian writers to (improve) and to put our creativity in the hands of the Lord. This competition is truly a blessing. It's my second year doing this and I'm honored and blessed to be a part of this.  I'm a stronger writer and most importantly a stronger Christian." CHANGING CULTURE: We have launched many individuals into careers in the media, teaching artists the wisdom of combining faith and work.  Maggie Elizabeth Jones was noticed after she won the 168 Best Actress Award for her role in "The Party" (Best Film 2010).    Since then, she has starred in "Footloose," "We Bought a Zoo" with Matt Damon and on the Fox TV series, "Ben & Kate." See Maggie and founder John David Ware interviewed here. 
 CHANGED LIVES: During the Write of Passage Competition, Caylan faced two deaths in the family. She said, "The contest helped me to keep hope for my family, many who don't yet know Christ. I was able to keep my focus on Jesus (instead of) on myself. "God gives us beauty for ashes. In some of the greatest pain I've known, this was a comfort." IMPACT: GLOBAL AND LOCAL: Deborah Brown's 168 film "Five Minutes" has recorded over 1 million viewings. Its twelfth language translation is into Ethiopian, which could reach 25 million people with the Gospel!  Could this be the New Jesus Film?  The Best Film of 2012 was "Refuge" (acted in Arabic with English subtitles).  It was shot in Pasadena, CA, which was made to look like Baghdad with some Hollywood magic. "Refuge" is a tale of revenge vs. forgiveness, made to carry the message of Jesus' love and salvation to an unreached population in their native Arabic language. We are making a big difference in this most strategic place, Hollywood. Our success has even caused a secular film festival to offer a faith-based category in partnership with 168!  This is how it should be; the world sees our joy and wants a piece of it.