It's the Scripture, Stupid

Verse Assignment Night - 168 Film Project

I am proud to announce the Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition Semi-Finalists.  https://www.168film.com/Contests/Write-of-Passage/Jury-and-Finalists

We are grateful to our Jurors and Development Executives, who have caused many of these writers to become MUCH better, and to look into the mirror of scripture.

Believe me, reading these 36 excellent 12-Pagers has been a real journey, but not only for the reason you might expect--that they are great stories. 

In life, there are many distractions, off ramps, detours and of course food. 

A Double-Double at In & Out Burger can derail you and your career as easy as a car wreck. In this life, bound by time and space, being at the right place at the right time is an exact science.  Think about it.

What do you use to keep your life on point and progressing?

In Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against sitting president George H. W. Bush, campaign strategist James Carville played a huge part.

In order to keep the campaign on message, Carville hung a sign in Bill Clinton's Little Rock campaign headquarters that read:
  1. Change vs. more of the same
  2. The economy, stupid
  3. Don't forget health care
Although the sign was intended for an internal audience of campaign workers, the phrase became a de facto slogan for the Clinton election campaign.

In your spiritual life, what keeps you on point?  What keeps the 168 Film competitions relevant and on point?

It's the scripture, stupid.

Yes, this phrase is kinda crass, but it's effective.  Here's a checklist: God's Word, Prayer, Meditation and good Christian Accountability Partners. Do you have all of these?

This year's Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition foundational scripture is:

Galatians 5:13 You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. NIV

Now, if you are open, self-honest and reading the word regularly, then this is a VERY penetrating passage.  If not, like King David after he'd murdered a man and taken his wife, then a creative tale does wonders to jog the memory.  And NOTHING convicts like a story does.

A look in the mirror is often a painful thing.  If it's not, just ask for advice.  If you think you have it all together, ask those that are close to you.  But, be prepared.  They just may tell you some painful truths.

Consider these story loglines.

A boozing lifeguard's learns, when a free-spirited triathlonist appears on her beach.
A "selfie" obsessed young woman learns to love her neighbors.
A man obsessed with his neighbor's grass, finally does something about it.

Can you see yourself in any of these stories?  If not, try substituting your own favorite pet behaviors. Try these:

A  married man is cheating on his wife AND his mistress.
A TV-addicted, shut-in must mute her voice of criticism.   
A hard living ex-con struggles to break free from his former life.

Here are some others:

A young girl learns that to serve others, she must first take off her mask.
A wealthy businessman struggles with addiction and family pressures.
An ambitious young journalist steals his co-worker’s career-changing story.

If you are discouraged, remember that His mercies are new each morning.  You are never further away from forgiveness than your knees are from the floor.