Are Christians Morons?

I watched Bill Maher (pictured here) call all Christians "morons" on The O'Reilly Factor. Maher said: God wrote the Bible, right? If it's your perfect Holy Book written by God, then why is there stuff in it that is wacky, immoral untrue and makes no sense?

O'Reilly said: It's allegorical and meant to teach you a higher truth.

Maher was shocked because he thinks being a person of faith means you check your sense of reason at the door and believe absolutely everything in the book.

Maher promptly questioned the verse that says: if you see your neighbor working on a Sunday, you should kill him. O'Reilly: I am a Christian and I believe in the New Testament.

Maher said: "All the Christians wana get behind the happy half of the Bible."

It's kind of a shame when political guys debate Christianity and (sometimes vice versa). You wanna jump in.

I decided to write the show, cause we're here to impact pop culture, right? Here's my note to the Factor. See if it's on tomorrow night (Friday, Oct. 1, 2010).


Maher might be credible if he actually knew what the Bible is.

It is two agreements. In the Old Testament God made a deal to relieve the effect of sin on people. In the New Testament, He obliterated the effect of sin thru the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The old shows what sin demands: death. The new supersedes the old and gives grace and forgiveness (from sin and death) for those who believe.

I suppose you didn't say this because you knew Maher's head would explode.


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