Writer Producer Brian Bird Takes on Congress - Faith and Family Values

Brian Bird is a successful writer/producer, longtime friend and 168 Board Member.  He will be featured at our Dec. 27th workshop in Columbus, OH: "Create! Actor-Writer-Producer Workshop" 
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Here's a fascinating story on Brian's Hallmark Channel original series, "When Calls the Heart."  It shows the importance and power of social media for entertainment.

 Brian Bird, Writer/Producer

"When Calls the Heart" was seen on TV by Indiana Congressman Marlon Stutzman and his wife, Christy, and they fell in love with the show. They joined a Facebook fan group for the show called the Hearties, which sprang up organically during the first season of the show in 2014. 

The Facebook Group "The Hearties" were so passionate about the show that they helped #WhenCallstheHeart to trend nationally on Twitter (top 10 topics) during the final three episodes of Season 1.

On Facebook, the Hearties grew from nearly 4,000 at the end of the Season 1 airings to almost 21,000 members today.  All that happened without any marketing support or paid-ads, instead through word of mouth and "e-Fangelism."

A similar organic groundswell happened with the fans of Joshua and Rebekah Weigel's "The Butterfly Circus." These phenomenon are a testament to what happens when artists accomplish their primary job, to make excellent art.

In June, Brian was invited by Congressman Stutzman and his wife to join five other Congressmen and their spouses for a visit of the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.

Brian was asked to make a short presentation about "When Calls the Heart" and the need for more family-friendly programming on TV and in films.

Brian's visit with the group led to an invitation in November 2014 to attend a luncheon on Capitol Hill of the 75-member Republican Study Committee, along with private meetings with 10 other congressmen and their legislative staffs, to continue the discussion on family programming.


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