168 Film Festival is Here April 3-4


It's been a long trip through the turn in of all the films, nominations and jury procedures.

Very exciting, the list of awards presenters for the 168 Film Festival.

All the nominations are on the website and the winners are selected and sealed on 18 categories of awards. Here's the latest on the parties, promos and paparazzi. Hope you can make it.

Please pray all goes well and that the power of these visual parables reaches past the curtains towards the open window.



168 Film Festival 2009 Scheduled Events

Friday, Apr. 3, 10AM-9PM
(United Community Church 333 E Colorado St. Glendale, CA 91205)

Saturday, Apr. 4, 10AM-Close (Awards Show 9:30pm-10:30pm)
(Alex Theatre 216 N. Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203)

Tickets ($10-35, VIP $65): http://store.168project.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc
818-557-8507. –OR- 818-243-ALEX http://www.alextheatre.org

$1 Raffle: Win an iPod Touch & hundreds of dollars in food and services from Area Restaurants and Merchants! (Must be present to win)

Glendale Participation: Angela's Bistro, Aoba Restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Islands Restaurant, Lunchbox Restaurant, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse.

Others: MB2 Raceway Sylmar, Knitting Factory Hollywood

Parties: To Celebrate the Filmmakers!
Friday After-Party: 9pm to midnite Aoba Restaurant 239 N. Brand Blvd. JAPANESE-THAI FUSION AT 20% OFF!
Saturday After-Party:10:30pm-Late - Celebrate down under at the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE 146 S Brand Blvd. (1 block south of Alex Theatre)

Extended Clip Reel: http://168project.ning.com/video/168-clip-reel-2009-4-min
Nominations: http://www.168project.com/news/196.cfm

Prize Package: Valued at $7500 for award winners!
-TubeMogul will provide a lifetime Business Account for the BEST PICTURE award winners
-AJA Kona 3 I/O Card Value for the BEST PICTURE award winners (value $3,000)
-Out of Frame Prize: $1000 in production support rental credit
-Kino Flo Rental Credit $1,000
-Video Symphony donated $1500 in tuition for the Best Editor of 2009
-The Best Film Team will meet one-on-one with “X-MEN-Origins: Wolverine” Producer Ralph Winter
-Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio: Donated Master Class Tuition for Best Actor/Actress

Awards Show Scheduled Presenters Include:

Ralph Winter, Producer: “X-MEN Origins: Wolverine”
Howard Kazanjian, Producer: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
Zachary Levi, Star of NBC’s “Chuck”
Sy Richardson, Actor: The Coroner on "Pushing Daisies"
Michael Lehmann Boddicker, renowned synth player, grammy-winning composer
Brian Bird, Writer/Producer: "Touched by an Angel," "Not Easily Broken"
Gary Hall, Senior VP of 20th Century Fox Television
Rick Fry, Pastor of Media City Church
Kim Dorr, Talent agent and Pastor of Arts

Sponsors: Tubemogul, Eiki International, Regent University, AJA Video Systems, Resurrection Pictures, Out of Frame, Church Production Magazine, Kino Flo, Video Symphony, Arri and Sony

Friday April 3rd Screenings

Screening #1 – 10:00AM

Team 81 FAMILY MATTTERS (Unlimited Doc) Producers: Owen Kingston, Judith Kingston, Jon Wadsworth
Team 16 THE WAY HOME Producer: Cheryl L. Farr
Team 65 DISOBEDIENCE Producer: International Interns Inc.
A 168 Classic from 2008 HOME Producers: Mark Blaney, Jackie Sheppard
Team 40 UNTITLED PROJECT Producer: Christopher J. Boghosian
Team 37 LOST FOUND Producer: Kathy O’Brien
168 Behind the Scenes Documentaries
Team 29 INHERITANCE Producer: Mikki Hall
Team 51 GRANDMA, YOU’RE FIRED Producers: Barry Thurston Jr., Emmett Loverde
Team 82 GOODBYE Producer: Kayla Tabish

Lunch – 11:45AM

Screening #2 – 1:00PM

Team 28 JUST LIKE YOU Producer: Adekunle Ilori
Team 83 MEET ME ON THE INSIDE Producer: Don Wahl
A 168 Classic from 2008 STAINED Producers: Joshua Weigel, Aaron Moore, Jeff Bartsch
Team 74 PASSION FOR PURPOSE (Unlimited Doc) Producer: Pete Brown
Team 10 LIKE FATHER Producer: Steve Puffenberger
Team 39 AND A CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM (Unlimited Doc) Producer: Don Weisbrod
Team 14 THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MJ Producer: Mary Burkin
168 Behind the Scenes Documentary
Team 19 MORE THAN ABLE Producers: Jantin Manntai, John Lockmer
Team 66 JASMINE Producer: Richelle T. Sanchez

Break – 2:50PM

Screening #3 – 3:10PM

Team 68 SURFACING Producer: Tommy Stork
Team 46 WHERE TO BEGIN AGAIN Producer: Chris Lambert
Team 56 MOUNTAIN OF TRUTH Producer: Stephen Maiorana
A 168 Classic from 2008 WHILE YOU WERE AWAY Producer: Vance Elliot
Team 33 PESACH: A PASSOVER STORY Producers: Ben Boquist, Kristen Van Valkernburg, Doug Boguist,
Michaele Lavigne
Team 67 HOTLINE Producer: Shira Fry Dillon
168 Behind the Scenes Documentary
Team 9 PAPER FLOWERS Producer: Alicia Hottle
Team 1 LISTEN UP Producer: Jim Foust

Dinner – 4:55PM

Screening #4 – 7:00PM

Team 3 LOVE ECHOES Producer: Elena Bueca
Team 42 REVEALED Producers: Sam & Shawn Calvillo
Team 78 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Producer: Stephen Byrd
Team 8 LOVE NEVER TIRES Producer: Mike Capozzi
A 168 Classic from 2006 INTERROGATION Producers: Don LaFontaine, Paul Pape

Break – 8:15PM

Screening #5 – 8:30PM

Team 23 RONNIE’S RESTAURANT Producers: Clint Loveness, Alan Tregoning
Team 7 LELA Producer: Lynda Stein
Team 71 CHINESE ANTIQUE Producers: Anthony Ma, Jennifer Ng, JC Chang
Team 24 HIDDEN TRUTHS Producers: Tim Lowry, Mark Chang
Team 57 OBEDIENCE Producers: Mathew Abate, Caleb G. Brown, Naomi Kasa

Saturday April 4th Screenings

Screening #1 – 10:00AM

Team 54 PUSH Producer: Jordan Easton
Team 61 REFLECTIONS Producer: Pat Daugherty
Team 76 JACK’S PLUMBING (Unlimited Doc) Producers: Isaac Anderson, Jack Parker
Team 32 THREE OF CLUBS Producer: Mike Shields
168 Behind The Scenes Documentary
Team 70 WHO DID WHAT WITH KENNY MARCUS Producer: David Waddell
Team 22 ONE Producers: Geoff Hall, Tim Woodford, Ben Small
Team 53 BY THE BOOK Producer: Mark Gentz
Team 44 SHADES OF GRAY Producers: Marc Stone, Rochelle Wornardt

Lunch – 11:50AM

Screening #2 – 1:15PM

Team 60 CONCEPTION Producers: Kurt De Vries, Rick Ellis
Team 30 ASHA TO ASHES Producers: Jonathan Perkins, Sonia Mari
Team 73 BROKEN Producers: Alexander Smothers, Patrick Ingram, Chris Wycoff
Mike Wech
Behind the Scenes of 168 Films
Team 80 PULLIN’ TEETH Producers: David Gaw, Nick Ganas, Justin Dial, David Martinez
Team 72 DADDY’S GIRL Producers: Susu Keepman Lee, Eric Lee
Team 20 FATHER OF THE MAN Producer: John O’Neal
Team 43 ASHES TO APPLES Producer: Richard Juden

Break – 2:45PM

Screening #3 – 3:00PM

Team 64 THE LAST OBEY Producer: Derek Butler
Team 63 GOD MOVES (Unlimited Doc) Producer: Deana Spyres
Tema 34 HIMIG Producer: World Mission Communications Asia-Pacific
Team 35 PUTTING THE ASH BEHIND YOU Producers: Ryan Johnson, Mark Blitch, Adam Kitchen,
Danny Owens
Friday Night Audience Winner

Dinner – 4:15PM

Screening #4 – 5:55PM

Team 69 GRIP Producers: Chris Ackerman, Brandon Chandler, Josh Holt
Maddy Curley, Scott McLean
Team 55 THE LAST LAUGH Producers: R. McCall Jones, Susan S. Shearer, Amber Deegan
Team 58 THE TEST Producer: Pat Smith, C.A.T.C.H.
Team 45 GREAT OAKS Producers: Laureen Trujillo, Jason Lewis, Sharon O’Leary-Martin
Team 49 ABEL’S WHEELS Producers: Rebekah Score, Sara Messer
Team 52 HELP WANTED Producers: Ryan Skeete, Kelly Allard, Jacob Snowden,
David Skidmore
Team 79 THE CALL Producers: David & Jarusha Kiang
Team 50 STEALING HOME Producer: Nathan Bettisworth

Break – 7:35PM

Screening #5 – 7:45PM

Team 58 WHEELCHAIR ANGEL (Unlimited Doc) Producer: Don Maynard
Team21 UNSCRIPTED Producers: Jonathan Brown, Jackie Sheppard, Luke Walton
Team 48 STILL BORN Producers: Andrew Librizzi, Chad Gunderson, Benjamin Dane
Todd Terry
Team 2 GUIDED (Unlimited Doc) Producers: Frank Lozano, Monique Newman
Team 13 UP IN THE AIR Producers: Chris Roberts, Doug Folsom, Wes Llewellyn
Team 18 SAVING LEVI Producers: David Bradshaw, Michael Ramsey
Team 26 LOVE IS GOOD Producer: Theo Love

Break – 9:20

Award Ceremony – 9:30


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce our screening blocks for 2009. Click: Screening Blocks.
Here is the link to the festival sneak preview extended trailer (4 min. version) Click: Trailer. This is much longer than normal trailers so that we show you the many voices of those involved.

My hat is off to the filmmakers, for their amazing efforts to make this year our finest yet. We had 83 entries resulting in 67 finished films for the April 3-4 screening! These artists have put their body, heart and soul into their work to entertain you and the Creator.

The 168 Film Festival has become an annual happening in the Christian community, with over 2,000 patrons year. It is a one-of-a-kind, must-attend opportunity for you to invite secular friends.

Come and see what everyone will be talking about for a long time, the culmination of efforts for 67 teams that finished their films.
Please understand, IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT THE AWARDS. It's not about screening on Saturday night either. People in the know appreciate that all of these films (finalist or not) have something special to offer BECAUSE they are built on the word of God. I encourage you to see them ALL - Friday and Saturday.

The theme for 2009 is "FAMILY BUSINESS." Everyone has some kind of family. Some families resemble Norman Rockwell paintings and some leave much to be desired. According to the Psalms, "God is a father to the fatherless, a defender of widows" (Psalm 68:5); "God sets the lonely in families, He leads forth the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land" (Psalm 68:6).

From the joy over a newborn to a father's sorrow over a prodigal, take a journey with us as we explore the complexities of the very basic structure for human life - the family. (Not for children under 12).

Thank you for supporting us in prayer and by attending the film festival. This film festival is changing the world through the media, one short film at a time.