Focus on Actress Jenn Gotzon

Director Chris Armstrong, Actress Jenn Gotzon, 168 Director John David Ware

One of the most ebullient, effusive and positive people you will ever meet is Jenn Gotzon, who has appeared in over ten 168 films, including the only ever unanimous Best Actress Award.

Her recent string of feature films include: 
"Doonby," where she stars opposite John Schneider, "Dragon Day", "Alone Yet Not Alone," Chris Armstrong's "God's Country"  and Don Wahl's "September Skies," "I Am Gabriel", "Untouched," "The Screenwriters" "The Good Book," and TV pilot "Heaven Help Us" with Nancy Stafford and Lee Meriwether.

We caught up with Jenn for a little Q & A.
Dragon Day:
"Dragon Day" is a cyber-attack thriller in which Chinese hackers gain control of America's electronics, including everything that is operated by a microchip.  Trailer: www.DragonDayMovie.com

Jenn's character goes from flight to fight in her struggle for absolution for her past.  "Dragon Day" is in select theaters in Los Angeles, Austin and Dallas starting November 1 (theater listing), distributed by Spotlight Pictures VOD and DVDs are available at this link. 168 alums who worked on the movie include Chris Witt editor, his wife Sharon Witt, Yeva McCloskey (production designer) and Ayumi Moore (costume designer). 

What has this season been like for you (ie. back to back to back films and promotion)?  
Crazy, insane and did I say crazy? LOL, It has been a providential experience, though my goal is to be a good steward of these unique opportunities to encourage people to pray, persevere and keep your eyes on Jesus as you plow through life's hardships and obstacles to live the big plan and purpose God has for them. 

My passion is playing complex ladies who find hope and redemption in the end. I've been pursuing my acting career for almost 20 years, trained for 7 of those years striving for excellence. I like to get my hands dirty, so I have worked in front and behind the camera on big and small films, from background work to leading roles. It has all been additive to the work I am able to do now.

Tell us about your journey and how this has affected your life.
Since playing a very small role in an Oscar-nom'd film, coupled with working on 168 Film "Stained" in 2008 (Best Actress 2008), God opened a journey like never before. Since 2010, by direct offer, I got lead roles in: "Doonby," "Dragon Day," "Alone Yet Not Alone," in 168 filmmaker Don Wahl's "September Skies," "I Am Gabriel," "Untouched", "The Good Book" and "The Screenwriters."  

"God's Country" (directed by my husband Chris Armstrong) was the only film I auditioned for (LOL) and quite a challenge because the producers didn't know if they wanted to hire a husband-wife team. Three weeks later with one day to prepare I was offered the role in "God's Country," which is a dream film for me.  The character arc & story is precisely what got me into this industry. Even though the film is airing on UPtv, Netflix and selling in stores, the director's cut of the movie is my favorite. Director Chris Armstrong's enhanced visuals and sound make it even more engaging. 168 alums who worked on the movie include Christopher Ridder as editor and 2nd Unit DP, Joe Osborn. Trailer: http://www.uptv.com/movies/gods-country

Finally, the season is at hand and all of these movies are scheduled to release. It's been challenging to balance time my time with Jesus in the morning and with my husband in the evening, in the midst of a flying all around the country almost on a weekly basis from film shoots to ministry. I enjoy teaching aspiring artists how to be role models in arts & entertainment through Artists, Models and Talent for Christ (AMTC), along with sharing my testimony and the movies as a platform through my mentor-outreach program "Inspiring Audiences."

My greatest challenge is finding time for fellowship with my home community in Los Angeles and getting enough sleep. Since all the movies are on location nationwide, I haven't seen and spent time with friends in a very long time.

I'm off on a new balancing act as 3 of my films release in theaters at the same time I am shooting 3 projects (tv pilot, and two feature films) all over the country. 

More info on Jenn's Projects:
Theatrical ReleasesSept 27: Alone Yet Not Alone (trailer)Nov 1: Doonby (trailer)Nov 1: Dragon Day (trailer)Now in stores, Blockbuster, Netflix & airing continually on UPtv: God's Country (trailer)

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