168 and the Future of Faith Films

Dear Friend,

The 168 Film Project aims to change the fabric of the media and improve its message for future generations. 168 is God's Farm Team for media. Without support for stories of a compassionate, living God, these ideas disappear from popular culture as they sadly have for 50 years.    

“168” is a worldwide incubator, in which filmmakers produce a short film in 7-days based on a foundational Bible verse.  I am writing to ask for your financial partnership.  Please stand with us.  
We are having an effect on the media.  Donate here. Your tax-deductible donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $15,000. 

I have written and directed my first feature film called “Unbridled” (unbridledmovie.com), starring Eric Roberts (Dark Knight), TC Stallings (War Room) and 168 standout, Tea McKay.   I cast Tea as our lead actress because of her excellence, acting in 168 films. This and other success stories validate 14 years of labor on the 168 Film Project.  We are producing God-honoring talent and tales.   

 (L-R) Tea McKay, Eric Roberts, John David Ware, TC Stallings, Dey Young

We need your tax-deductible support to continue the 168 success story.  Please pray about your involvement and consider standing with us with a generous gift. There is so much excitement!  The TV Show, “Fresh Look at the Good Book” is progressing nicely.  Pastor Eric Waters and I shot the first eight episodes of the Bible teaching show, which uses 168 films to study God’s Word.   

 John David Ware and Pastor Eric Waters on the Set

We are now judging the latest 168 films. Pray for us and them as awards and nominations are announced.  The enemy will continue to block, anger, distract, and confuse. But, we try to get them to their knees to learn a great truth: No one can fall down when they are on their knees.  

On a personal note, in May 2016, I was grieved to learn my very good friend Joe Osborn died in a motorcycle crash.  Please pray for his family. We will all miss him dearly. Let me know if you would agree to be on our prayer list for the future.  We would be honored.  

It is critical for me to meet with like-minded donors, willing to discuss helping us financially as we develop filmmakers of faith as a means to prevent the world from losing the Christian worldview.    

At the 168 Film Festival (Aug. 20-21) we will again partner with the Union Rescue Mission to provide a once-in-a-lifetime, Red Carpet experience for low income kids and their parents. You are invited!  

I would love to talk with you about how you can help us change the world through bringing God’s Word back into the media. Please become a monthly supporter for $25, $50 or $100 or more.   

Your tax-deductible donation will impact the future of the media.  Together, we can change the world!  

In Christ,    John David Ware, 168 Film Founder and President

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning John,

I will be praying about my financial involvement, and YES I would Love to be praying for You & 168. I am the local director of HPN of Salem Oregon. We meet 2nd Saturday-each month. We will lift You & 168 Film up in prayer. Just let us know of your need in prayer.

Blessed Beyond Words, Suez Smith