Review: Webisodes, TV and Film with Gary Hall, Sr. VP of Post Production at Fox Television

 Gary Hall and John David Ware


Gary and Me

The Lineup

This is a review of the event held at LA Valley College on Monday, April 6, 2015.  It was called "Webisodes, TV and Film" with Gary Hall, Sr. VP of Post Production at Fox TV.

Gary Hall  has been helping out at 168 Film for about 10 years judging the films on our Grand Jury. So when he came in it was kind of like seeing a good friend.  He is also Sr. Vice President of Post Production for Twentieth Century Fox Television.

Gary's work at Fox includes scheduling and running post production on dozens of television shows for everyone including the major networks to some cable networks and other providers like Netflix.   His division has started to dip it's foot into the 4K world. Gary shuddered when I mentioned 5K was just around the block.

 Why you ask? The post world is just about constant change, both in personnel and technology.  Once things get running really well, it's often just about time to switch to a new format and that can make life hard.  Fox is an all Avid shop, so that a unifying factor and a positive.

Gary is a writer at heart and he has taken jobs that allow him to earn a good living as well as participate in his passion projects like writing and teaching skills to the underprivileged.  

He advised one actor who had become a producer to take jobs that "allow you to have a pathway to your passion position."  Case in point, at 168 Film, it is perfectly legit for a producer to start a team and cast themselves and thus avoiding the casting line.  And you better believe it happens in "the real world" too.

Gary also had advice for young producers aiming towards a career making television. "Make a short film, show what you can do," he said.  Webisodes are basically short films on the web, and some of them make decent money and can inspire TV shows.
Googling "top earning webisode" yields a Top 25 Webisodes list and yes, it includes at least one 168 Alumnus Producer.  Robert Kirbyson's show CTRL is mentioned, starring Arrested Development fan-favorite, Tony Hale.  The site says that rumors of a possible second season are swirling. Reportedly, Yahoo! has recently taken interest in reviving the show (2013).  It's dated, but I like the sentiment!

A three-time 168 veteran, Robert Kirbyson also wrote and directed the Steve McEveety feature "Snowmen," which won Best Film awards at The Tribeca and Dallas Film Festivals.

Said Kirbyson, "I'm very thankful for the 168 Film Project. Within weeks of moving to LA, it helped me get connected to other Christian professionals, who have become long-term friends and collaborators. Most of the crew on ‘CTRL Z’ (his short, adapted into a 10-part webseries for NBC Universal) were people I've worked with on 168 projects, or wanted to work with after seeing their films at the festival."

Alumni Joshua & Rebekah Weigel's short film "The Butterfly Circus" will soon be made into a feature film with "Lord of the Rings" trilogy Executive Producer, Mark Ordesky.
What do they have in common?  168 Film.

According to Gary, "The 168 Film Project is an effective tool for exposing new talent. I regularly use the best of 168 as a showcase for my colleagues here at 20th Century Fox. It's a consistent source of excellent new Actors, Producers, Directors, Editors, Directors of Photography and more, whom we expect to work with in the near future."  According to Gary, several 168 actors have been cast in Fox Shows.
Gary did mention a certain multiple award-winning editor whom, he'd noticed in the 168 contest. He's tried to hire him many times, but the guy is just too busy.   
Mr. Hall will serve as a Grand Jury Member for the 2015 "Freedom-themed" edition of the 168 Film Project.  The Competition is in May and the 168 Film Festival is August 29-30 at Regal Cinemas at LA Live.

Gary is Sr. Vice President of Post Production for Twentieth Century Fox Television where he oversees post-production for all scripted network and cable series. His production responsibilities include past and present hits like 24, THE SIMPSONS, BONES, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and HOMELAND. Gary has written and produced for 21 JUMP STREET, THE A-TEAM and PENSACOLA: WINGS OF THE GOLD. In addition to working in the television industry, Hall has also worked as a police officer for LAPD for over 30 years, with multiple commendations for bravery and service. He has worked such assignments as gangs, narcotics, homicide and on several special assignments including the infamous “Night Stalker" case. Gary is currently assigned to patrol duty.

He and his wife Cyndi founded a prison ministry called HOLLYWOOD IMPACT STUDIOS, whose goal is:

To bring new hope and a brighter future to those individuals who have been dealt a tough hand in life; to use the art of television and filmmaking to change lives; and provide a training ground where Hollywood professionals mentor these individuals in order to identify and develop their individual God-given talents and passions in order to choose a new path.