168 Film Festival Winners 2016

August 31, 2016
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First-timer Jeff Hamm’s THE RIVER 
Wins Best Speed Film 
at 168 Film Festival 2016

Filmmaker Jeff Hamm and 168 Presenters

LOS ANGELES, CA – Speed film, THE RIVER was honored with eleven nominations and three wins, including Best Film, at the Annual 168 Film Festival at Regal Cinemas Premiere House at LA LIVE (Aug. 20-21). The River was produced by first-timer, Jeffrey Hamm, who also won for Best Director and Best Editor.

Hamm teamed up with a Dallas-Ft. Worth crew, including award-winning writer-producers Jason Walter Vaile and Mark Blitch (WASHED UP Best Comedy 2015) to tackle this year’s 168 Film Competition theme, “Work.”

THE RIVER is based on Proverbs 31:31, Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

It’s the story of a family -- Christian Heep as the father and Anne Beyer as the mom -- on a camping trip in the wilderness. Their little girl Abby, played by Kelsey Walton is lost and as the sun sets, her chances for survival grow dim. But, the wise woman will not give up on her daughter, who has learned well from her mother.

According to producer Jeff Hamm, “Our skeleton crew battled a storm that destroyed one set and stopped production a few times. We were running out of time, money, and resources but God gave us the strength to persevere, and it was worth every second! My team and I are so thankful for the opportunity to use our gifts and abilities to continue to build the Kingdom of God. We look forward to the 168 in 2017!”

The Best Speed Film Runner Up was nine-time-nominated, THE PAPERCLIP, by Producers John Lockmer and Justin Manntai. Writer Lee Kovel won Best Screenplay and Best Scriptural Integration and William Kircher (Bifur and Tom Troll in THE HOBBIT films) won for Best Supporting Actor.

The film is based on Exodus 18:18, You and these people who come to you will only wear yourselves out. The work is too heavy for you; you cannot handle it alone.

PAPERCLIP writer Lee Kovel’s often-comedic story deals with inter-generational values like care of the family outside of work, teamwork, the emptiness of wealth and the true measure of success.

Younger viewers of the film have expressed the need to spend more time with family, while older people have been reminded of the need to mentor younger people. Lockmer and Manntai expect to impact their world with this gently convicting film.

Aaron Kamp and Maggie Meyer’s CAGED IN swept the non-speed awards, with Best Director going to Kamp. Acting winners are Best Supporting Actor Robert Hartburn as Luke, Best Supporting Actress, Melissa Meyer as Lily, Best Actress, Maggie Meyer as Sara and Best Actor Jeremy Levi as Jack.

168 veteran Aaron Kamp plans to use the (literally) hard-hitting film to help raise awareness of domestic violence issues. “168 has been a great training ground, it’s hard work, you sometimes feel like giving up, but ultimately it’s inspiring and a great to be a part of," Kamp said.

The speed film award for Best Actress went to 168 veteran, Tea McKay for her role as Emma in THE CHOICE. According to McKay, "Not only has (the 168 competition) allowed me to network with amazing people all over the world, it has also helped me launch my career. 168 has greatly built up my reel and got me noticed. It played a key role in booking the lead in my latest film UNBRIDLED," starring McKay, Eric Roberts and TC Stallings.

Best Actor went to Tony Lo Bianco (The French Connection) as Johnny in BLONDIE. Best Supporting Actress Leslie Thurston as Dr. Morris in STROKE OF FAITH.

Best Comedy went to husband and wife writer/producer/actor team, Jason and Megan Marsh for BEHIND THE SCENES, the story of what really happens behind the scenes on a 168 Film set.

Best Write Of Passage Spotlight Film, went to THE LAWN BOY written by Penny Gibben and produced by 168 veteran Mark Baird, who entered a record five films into the 2016 competition.  He received three awards Best Write of Passage, Evangelista Award (best evangelistic tool) and the 169 Award for distinguished service to 168 Film.

Best Kid Vid went to CARDED by veteran producer Susan Shearer, who teamed up with Baird as a writer, winning the Evangelista Award for the film.

Best International Film was won by AFTER by Ben Whimpey from Australia. The film won six awards, including Best International Film, Best Make-up and Hair to Jessica Taylor, Best Making Of 168 Film, Best Sound Design to Peter Brewer, Best Production Design to Alexa Harrington and Simone Wake and Best Cinematography to Sam Bennett.

Woodsy drama, THE VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS won Best Original Score for Olivia Davies. Written, produced and directed by Andrew Thorn, the film features 168 favorite, Jack Jovcic in the lead role and two Best Actor Nominations - one for Jovcic and one for eight-year-old Orlando Borg. The film was nominated 12 times including Best Film, Best International Film and Best Director.

Best Music Video went to THE LAST SONG ON EARTH by Joshua Barker and Jahmal Holland. Barker gave a hip-hop acceptance speech at the awards show.

Best Documentary went to LITTLE ANGELS by Nellie Gonzalez for her explosive expose on child abuse.

Audience Awards went to I AM by Anthony Varon (writer Jon Moch received Best Comedy Screenplay) and We Are Loved by Sharelle Hall.

Honorable Mention awards went to two Downs Syndrome actors, Evan George Vourazeris and Cristina Sanchez for their work in THE LAWN BOY. Jonathan Loria was also commended for his role in La Svolta, Shot in Italy.

The Best Super Hero Award was won by Zachery Michael Burgess for ZACH AND MYHRE for his acting and his bravery in fighting a terrible disease. 168 Executive Director Dwayne Tarver said “It is our privilege to give encouragement to all of our actors and crew in this way.”

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The 168 Film Project has inspired over 1000 films created by an estimated 17,000 cast and crew. 168 Film is also a launching pad for emerging artists like Tea McKay star of UNBRIDLED, Maggie Jones, actor in WE BOUGHT A ZOO, and Joshua and Rebekah Weigel, writer/producers of THE BUTTERFLY CIRCUS with over 45 million Downloads, starring Nick Vujicic. http://www.168film.com

For interviews with filmmakers or Founder John David Ware or for more information: info@168film.com.


Best Speed Film                      The River - Jeffrey Hamm      
Best Alumni Film                      Caged In - Aaron Kamp, Maggie Meyer         
Best KidVid                             Carded - Susan Shearer        
Best Music Video                    The Last Song on Earth - Joshua Barker, Jahmal Holland     
Best Documentary                  Little Angels - Nellie Gonzalez           
Best Write of Passage            The Lawn Boy - Mark Baird   
Best International Film After   Ben Whimpey - Australia        
Best Comedy                           Behind the Scenes - Jason Marsh     
Best Director                           Jeffrey Hamm - The River      
Best Director                           Aaron Kamp - Caged In (non-speed) 
Best Supporting Actor             William Kircher as Ed - The Paperclip 
Best Supporting Actor            Robert Hartburn as Luke - Caged In (non-speed)                 
Best Supporting Actress        Leslie Thurston as Dr. Morris - Stroke of Faith          
Best Supporting Actress        Melissa Meyer as Lily - Caged In (non-speed)          
Best Actress                           Tea McKay as Emma in The Choice   
Best Actress                           Maggie Meyer as Sara - Caged In (non-speed)
Best Actor                               Tony Lo Bianco as Johnny - Blondie 
Best Actor                               Jeremy Levi as Jack - Caged In (non-speed)
Audience Award 1                  I AM by Anthony Varon
Audience Award 2                  We Are Loved by Sharelle Hall
Best Make-up and hair            Jessica Taylor - After
Best Making Of                        Making of After - Ben Whimpey         
Best Sound Design                 Peter Brewer - After  
Best Original Score                 Olivia Davies - The Voice in the Wilderness  
Best Production Design           Alexa Harrington, Simone Wake - After         
Best Screenplay                     The Paperclip - Lee Kovel      
Best Screenplay Comedy       I AM - Jonathan Moch
Best Scriptural Integration       The Paperclip - Lee Kovel      
Evangelista Award                 Carded - Mark Baird   
Best Editor                               Jeff Hamm, Matthew Clark - The River          
Best Cinematography              After - Sam Bennett   
Honorable Mention                  Evan George Vourazeris as Sherman - The Lawn Boy        
Honorable Mention                  Cristina Sanchez as Kelly - The Lawn Boy   
Best SuperHero Award           Zachery Michael Burgess as SuperHero-Zach and Myhre  

169 Award                               Mark Baird      



For Immediate Release:                                                                          
August 16, 2016
Contact: Bethany Thompson

(Los Angeles, CA) –The 168 Film Festival is held in Los Angeles August 20th and 21st at Regal Cinemas at LA Live. The films come from a worldwide competition called the 168 Film Project began in 2003. The organizers are proud to encourage filmmakers and actors from around the world, including those with disabilities.

Producer Mark Baird from Houston, Texas is a perennial competitor.  He has won awards for producing KidVids among other films.  These films are based on the Bible and instructive for young children. This year, Baird teamed up with Penny Gibben, on her award winning script “The Lawn Boy.”

According to Baird, “The first time I read the script I knew I had to do this film. My friend Evan George Vourzeris is an actor with downs syndrome and this role was perfect for him. Gail Williamson of KMR Talent’s diversity department (Studio City, CA) introduced us to fellow Texan, Cristina Sanchez who was wonderful opposite Evan.

 “The Lawn Boy,” is the 2015 winner 168’s Write of Passage Screenwriting Contest, a mentored contest running in October (168film.com). It tells the story of siblings working through the unexpected deaths of their parents and coming to terms with new challenges.

According to founder John David Ware, “We are excited to see where these two can go.” Evan has been cast in a pilot for an original series currently in production in Atlanta.

The 168 Film Festival features a Panel Discussion - "Profession of Faith: Working in the Media" on Sun, Aug 21, 1:30 - 2:45pm, featuring Rick Bonn, Head of Development & Acquisitions at Pure Flix Entertainment, Dave Alan Johnson, Writer/Producer "Vanished."

Feature film “I Am Not Ashamed” will screen as a sneak preview, starring Ben Davies, Nancy Stafford, Jennifer O'Neill, Matthew Schuler, Jaci Velasquez, and newcomer Masey McLain, who will play the seventeen-year-old Rachel Scott.
For screening schedule and tickets, click here Use Code "10forfest" for 10% off ALL FEST pass.  .

For more information email Bethany@mjmgroup.com


168 Film Festival To Do List

You may wonder what goes on in preparation for a film festival. In the final days before Aug. 20-21, you'd think we're pulling our hair out in preparation for the myriad of details that we have to manage. And you're right, to a degree.  But, as you can see, lots of hair left...

Job one for us is to validate, uplift and encourage all of our very talented filmmakers in their work and in their spiritual life.

So what does that look like?
Dwayne Tarver, John David Ware, Melissa Trevan (L-R)

Well, good question.  Of course we are always praying, for us, for the artists and for the show.

We are busy arranging the most exciting presenters possible to give awards and walk the red carpet. We are planning the film playback, awards show, DVD, program book and on and on and on.

It's a juggling act for sure because there is so much to do. That's why we pray a lot!

I'm very thankful for our Executive Director, Dwayne Tarver, who works tirelessly and with an eye on excellence.

AND our efforts would be completely in vain without the support of our wonderful volunteers.

To learn more about volunteering click here.

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