168 Film and Media Ministry

There are many kinds of filmmakers (FM) in the 168 Film Project.
Timid, shy, bold, prideful, hopeful. They all (believe it or not) get what they need in the 168 experience, good or bad.
The process works wonders in the prideful or the humble or those needing to toughen up or learn a great lesson from adversity. It's especially great to see those who were helping last year step out and produce a film on their own. And to see some receive salvation by meeting Jesus.
We don't always hear all the stories like we like to, but we try to get around to talking with everyone. And most every year we hear of someone who became reborn on set. Pray for that.
Here is a note from one of the FM's who practice what we call media ministry.
Check it out. What if the next Spielberg thought like this?!
Yes, you can change the world and don't let nobody tell you different.
P.S. The name of my next band comes from this editorial: Oblivious to Subtlety. Another priceless quote from below: "The devil is like a dog, he never barks at a parked car!"
From Dennis:
The Lord put it on our hearts to produce last year, though we just joked about it after helping out on "Through My Sister's Eyes"... Then when it came time for the 168 this year I prayed for the Lord to show me if my wife Olivia and I should produce, and I prayed that He show me a sign that was huge & obvious (because I'm oblivious to subtleties).
That night (or possibly the next night) we went to my brother in law's home, where my mother in law (a wonderful servant of the Lord) prayed for all of us individually, laying on hands & praying for our different needs. When she got to me however, she said to me "The Lord wants me to tell you to go ahead with your plans, go ahead" (in Spanish).
Now I hadn't mentioned my prayer to her or my wife, so I knew then that the Lord was giving me confirmation. Later before registering for the 168, I prayed for further confirmation, I then realized that He actually gave me clear confirmation, so I went on faith and signed up!
I then started looking for a Director, and came across Brandon rather quickly, we liked his previous work very much, and he seemed interested in working with us, we met up & decided to go on this adventure together.
That was the smoothest part of the whole experience, ha ha! The rest of it (with the exception of Mark coming on board to help us) was step by step, a lesson in leaning on the Lord. We didn't know what was coming up next, but I could tell pretty early on that it was going to be "one of those" types of experiences & embraced it.
I figured we could just lean on the Lord as He wants us to,or we could stress out all the way, and end up leaning on him because we finally got tired of trying to do it our way.
So I appologize to our crew for our first production meeting going something like "We don't know..., not sure, ah we'll see what the Lord does." in the respect of it not feeling too much like a production meeting, but the goal there was fellowship and prayer, and we did accomplish that : ).

Most every cast and crew member came last minute, we had a major spot filled, then that person dropped off of our team, we had a spectacular location not work out a few days before we would begin shooting, another key position was just about filled when that person got in a car accident that changed their availability (he's doing well, but keep him in prayer).
We had multiple spiritual attacks in several areas, and that was further confirmation that we were doing God's will. I like to say that "the devil is like a dog, he never barks at a parked car!"

Through all the crazy circumstances however, the Lord was faithful, He was true, He guided us to have the exact crew that He wanted us to have (or lack there of in some areas), He put the people that were supposed to be on this project together, and we had a blessed time together! We are truly blessed by the folks God brought aboard, and I pray that the Lord do a work in all of our hearts to surrender completely to Him, to lean on Him, and to own the forgiveness & grace He has given us, and that we pass it on to the folks we encounter in our lives.

God's will is not the same as happenstance, the Lord bringing things together is not the same as fate, luck, or "things work themselves out", I'd hate for those things to be confused with the perfect will of God, and His sovereign guidance.
God is very much active in this world in the lives of folks that trust in Him, and in influencing the lives of those who don't yet know Him. We all experience loss, and troubles, it "rains" on everyone, the difference between believers and non-believers is that, believers know that we are saved by grace, by the blood of Jesus Christ that died for us, so we could be cleansed and liberated from our sins, and to have eternal life with God the Father, and we have the Holy Spirit indwelling us to guide us until that day comes.
This world is temporary, but heaven or hell (depending on our decision) are eternal, meanwhile, God allows things to happen in our lives so we would lean on Him for strength, we need not fight dependence on God, we need to embrace it.

May the Lord bless you and your family as you seek God first in your lives.

Matthew 6:33
"...seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."