168 Film Festival 2012: Book the Alex Theatre Now!

Hey Y'all,

Here's a fun way to really help out the 168 community.

We need to raise all the money for this 12-hour day at the Alex Theater for the 168 Film Festival on March 31, 2012. That's $10,000.

Please help us today by making a donation and telling your friends to do likewise.

There are cool perks for donating.

Picture thousands at the 168 Film Festival walking the red carpet at the Alex Theater movie palace, Sat., March 31, 2012.

The Alex is the BEST way to inspire our filmmakers, but we need your help because it costs $10,000 for the day!

There are
perks for small and large donations: VIP Party Invite, VIP Tickets, Your Name in the Program Book and more. Please tell all your friends! You could empower the next Steven Spielberg!

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