168 Alumni Advance: Jenn Gotzon, Chris Armstrong, Andrew Librizzi

(L-R) Actress Jenn Gotzon, DP Joe Osborn, director Chris Armstrong and actor Gib Gerard

A group of 168 alums including husband and wife team Chris Armstrong ("Sumo Joe") and Jenn Gotzon (168 Best Actress 2008) has finished, "God's Country," produced by Triumphant Pictures, Cecil Chambers and John Atterberry.

In his feature film directorial debut, Armstrong has won Best Director at Seattle's Gig Harbor Film Fest. The film stars Jenn Gotzon and is edited by Christopher Ridder (Best Trailer "Sumo Joe"). Joe Osborn ("Bountiful," "He's 13") served as 2nd unit director of photography. (http://www.gigharborfilmfestival.org ).

Synopsis:Meghan Doherty (Jenn Gotzon) is a driven, young real estate exec who's focus is on making money by any means necessary. Her boss (Daniel Hugh Kelly) demands she close the deal of a lifetime by defrauding Christian landowner (Michael Tolland), who must forfeit his property before he realizes the land's true worth. Meghan's budding romance (with Gib Gerard) & change of heart means a fighting chance save the land. Cast includes Suzanne Ford, Todd Duffey & Arlene Santana.

Producer Andrew Librizzi

Alumni continue to advance!

Andrew Librizzi's "Beyond the Farthest Star" is enjoying excellent audience response and the Zondervan book of the same name comes out in December 2011. See below to pre-order.

See audience responses from the second test screening:


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"History is full of heroic struggles and desperate sacrifices, but the most significant battles we face are fought within our homes for the lives and futures of our families. This conflict has never been more serious than in today's world. Beyond the Farthest Star brings this very real war into sharp focus with laser-like intensity. We were blown away by this story!"

– Best-selling, Christian authors Brock & Bodie Thoene (Against the Wind, The Gathering Storm)

“In ministering around the world, we face the real challenge of how to address the blatant, divisive attack on family relationships. This film, BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR, will have a definite positive impact on shaping and strengthening families. Intriguing, heartfelt and powerful. As a tool to talk about truth and relationship combined this movie is going to be tremendous for churches to use

– John Hossler, CEO, Josh McDowell Ministries

"Beyond the Farthest Star is a film that will take faith-based movies to a whole new level, today and into the future."

–Bob Higley, Vice President, Trinity Broadcasting Network

"Outstanding tool for ministry. This movie will speak deeply to any person no matter their belief. Deeply moving and heartfelt!"

–Bob Mason, President, Missions International

"Gripping journey from law and condemnation into grace. It's deep reach into your heart opens doors for healing. Leads you into conversation and witnessing easily"

–Pastor Rob Gore, Faith Fellowship Church, McKinney, TX

"A compelling experience depicting God's grace and unconditional love. A well-acted and executed film with a strong evangelical message!"

–Peggy O'Connor, Executive Producer, Legacy Films

"Overwhelming representation of God's Love, Grace and the Law! I can't stop crying!"

Pastor Toni Gore, Faith Fellowship Church, McKinney, TX

"This is the most accessible Christian movie to a non-Christian audience that I have ever seen!"

Associate Pastor Zane Sipes, Clearpath Church, Mesquite, TX

"These are the movies that NEED to be made!"

–Edwin "Sparky" Sparks, Edwin & Toni Sparks Ministry

"Story of transformational grace!"

–Zack Smithson, Pastor, Church of the Nazarene

“The dialogue is rich and honest. The relationships, well-drawn. The strongest relationship is between Adam and Maurene. It is rich, complicated and touching, and is the beating heart of the story. The whole family, in fact, is vibrant and alive; their history is vivid and present. I believe the transformation that the family takes … I love the living Nativity.”

– Sheila Gallien, script consultant for Academy Award-winning writer William Broyles Jr. (Flags of Our Fathers, Jarhead, Polar Express, Castaway and Apollo 1.

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Cindy said...

I really enjoyed reading this. The film with Jenn looks good.

Of course, everyone who is friends with me on Facebook knows how much I am looking forward to Beyond The Farthest Star!! :)