Kevin Sizemore, Climbing the Dome

                 Kevin Sizemore, Actor

My good friend Kevin Sizemore has a work ethic that we all could learn from and it is paying off.  I caught up with him recently and asked some for answers:

Tell us about your recent string of feature film roles: 

I was involved with "Red Line" (directed by Rob Kirbyson, Award Winning 168 Director) is now avail on Netfilx and Redbox. Then "Can I Get A Witness Protection" (directed and written by Robert G. Lee) was offered to me and this is a very funny comedy ensemble that's gonna catch a lot people off guard.  I then went to my home state of WV to shoot a wonderful story that will resonate with many people in so many ways.  it's called "A Christmas Tree Miracle"  (directed by JW Myers and written by Ty DeMartino).  It's avail just in time for the holidays at www.AChristmasTreeMiracle.com (you can view the trailer there also) or it's available at I-tunes, Direct TV etc.

 What's your favorite character to play so far? 

My favorite character is Gary Humphrey and he is who I play in the upcoming series "Resurrection" for ABC.  He is very complex in many different ways and is put in positions that he feels leaves him no choice but to get involved.  First and foremost, the writing for this character, and the entire show is wonderful. It's great when it's hard to put down a script you're involved with.  We debut Sunday March 9th at 9pm on ABC and I can't wait to see where they're taking Gary's character in future episodes.

You've had back to back to back films.  Describe this season of your life?  

Wonderful, super busy & gratifying all at the same time.  To start the year with "Can I Get A Witness Protection?" and then "Under The Dome" was amazing.  I never knew the show would be so big and would be seen in over 200 countries.  I just found out this week that my character is getting his own UTD trading card.  Now my son thinks I'm cool. I wasn't home a week and then I did an episode of "Necessary Roughness" and then did a short film with my son Gunnar called "The Night Guardian".  Within days of that wrapping, Gunnar and I teamed up again to do another 168 Film Project ("Heartfall"), but this time I took a back seat, letting my son take the lead role. He did a great job, earning a Best Actor nomination.  Not bad for an 8-year-old.  We finally took a vacation in Orlando, FL and we found out there that I was blessed to bring home the Best Supporting Actor award for "Heartfall" and I'm so appreciative for that.  During our vacation, my manager Laureen contacted me about "Resurrection."  Two days later, I was off to Atlanta for the next two months shooting the series.

My passion is:

Helping others!  There's no better feeling in the world to know that you can help someone.  Small or large, just helping people out and treating people the way you want to be treated is a great thing. The best medicine for when you're having a bad day, is to go out and help someone, you're feelings will change very fast.

Tell us about your journey and how it has affected your life.

Well, I'm traveling a lot more. Hollywood isn't like it used to be!  I've already shot over three months on the east coast this year and it looks like I'll be there a lot more next year.  Other than that, I think it's made me more grateful, because I know anything can be taken away in a heartbeat. This is a very small business and people like to work with people they know, trust and like.  Building relationships are vital to being successful in this business. Having done this for many years now, I've been fortunate to establish some wonderful working relationships and at the end of the day, that's what's really affected my life.  The opportunity to meet so many cool people and to have some great experiences along the way.

Describe your collaboration with the director. 

Oh boy, EVERY director is so different.  On "Resurrection," we literally changed directors in the middle of the day, from one scene to the next.  One was high energy and one was more laid back. Neither is good or bad, it's just different and as an actor, it makes you have to really pay attention to detail more.  I do love having the time to just chat about who characters are on projects I do w/ the director though.  It's nice to come into a project with you both being on the same page, instead of having to find him on set.

How does your work as an acting coach inform your acting? 

I like to teach not only acting, but the business of acting too. There are a million acting coaches in this town and some are outstanding. What I like to do is focus on the whole package and not just have the actors do their 3-minute scene two times and sit the remainder of the class. What I've learned is if you don't know the business, or how to hit your mark, or how to market yourself etc, it really doesn't matter how good you are because nobody will ever find you.  My responsibility as a coach is to bring in other actors, producers, casting directors and directors to sit in on my classes, at no additional charge to the actors.  I try to do this as often as I can, so the actors can be seen and have an opportunity to be cast and do what we hope they can do, book a job!

How has 168 helped your career and quality of work? 

When I did my first 168 back in 2011, I was so fortunate to win the Best Actor Award and our film "Useless" directed by Brandon Adams also won Best Film.  Casting Director Beverly Holloway was a judge and when I was submitted for the film "Red Line," she remembered me from "Useless" and brought me in.  I ended up booking a wonderful role it became one of the many seeds that I've planted over the years that are coming to fruition. If you want to achieve at something bad enough, all the hard work pays off.
Would you recommend 168 to actors? 
Of course! I told all of my acting students last week to get involved in the 168 Film Project.  Many are attending the Write of Passage reading at the 168 Christmas Party (cast includes Kevin Sizemore and Robert Ray Shafer).  I encourage them to either audition (for existing 168 projects) or start their own team.  Not only is it a great way to learn, get some wonderful footage, but you're doing films that are making a difference the Christian market place and it's wonderful to have more films every year hit the market place that families are able to watch together.

For more info on Kevin, visit www.imdb.me/kevinsizemore  /  Follow Kevin on Twitter @kevinsizemore and FaceBook.  Video Interview here

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