And the Write of Passage 2013 Winner is...

The Write of Passage (WP) Short Screenwriting Competition Winner is below.

Order the current DVD to see the 2013 winner of the Best Write of Passage Film:


THE 2013 WINNER IS:   
William G. Jones 
DE: Allen Wolf
A self-absorbed yuppie tries to make things right.   



Peter Xifo
DE: Jack McClintock
PB&J: A young son prepares a gift of love for his mother.



Aaron Kamp
DE: Rowena Kuo
Years after a tragedy, Jay must decide whether to hold on to his guilt, 
or accept forgiveness.



Jay Sherer
DE: Alyson McHargue
A teenager learns the horrors of distracted driving. 


Dana Cowden
DE: Doug Braddock
A daughter's emergency surgery, brings a tsunami of memories.


James M. De Vince
DE: James O'Keeffe
A man haunted by tragedy must sacrifice his heart  to find healing and reconciliation.


The verse for this year's Write of Passage Short Screenwriting Competition is:
Matthew 5:23-24 
"Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift."   
(All 103 writers used this as the foundation for their stories)

Order the current DVD to see the 2013 winner of the Best Write of Passage Film

The WP 2013 Jury includes:
Bill Marsilii, Writer (The Wind in the Willows, Deja Vu with Denzel Washington);
Dallas Jenkins, Director/Producer (What If, Midnight Clear);
Derrick Warfel,
 Director (Midnight Reckoning) and 168 Master Teacher

The following Development Executives judged the first round of the competition and gave their time to mentor the writers:

Ted and Karen Eachus, Doug Braddock, Claire Hutchinson, Allen Wolf, Michael Deschamps, Dianne Butts, Rowena Kuo, Owen Kingston, Liz Hewes, Travis Mendel, Jack McClintock, Doug Hughes, Christina Barclay, Martha Cotton, Nancy Bevins, Alyson McHargue, Mike Rinaldi, Chloe Anderson, and James O'Keeffe.

The Write of Passage Short Screenwriting Competition Winner will receive $1,000 cash and introductions to writer/producers Luke Schelhaas ("The Good Wife, "Law and Order," Smallville") and Brian Bird ("Not Easily Broken"). Finalist scripts may be made into films for the 168 Film Festival's Write of Passage Showcase.  Both writers and mentors (DE's) receive screen credit if their film is made.  
Congratulations to all who participated.  The world is richer for your creativity!
A great debt is owed to the Development Executives, who gave their time   
to mentor the writers and help shape their stories.

2013 Theme: "The Gift"
Gifts are usually thought of as wonderful things.  Whether deserved or not, the Bible says a lot about how they affect the giver and the receiver.  The 2013 WP journey challenges the writer to explore the significance of "The Gift."

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