A Thank You from Anthony Chiles

Anthony Chiles

This is a thank you note from a friend from my hometown Columbus, Ohio.  Thank you Anthony!  It really helps to know that we are making a difference!


First I'd like to thank you for having the vision and commitment to create the 168 Film Project. I thank God everyday for the talents I've been given and I appreciate that there are people such as yourself who offer creative individuals the opportunity to use those God given talents to glorify Him. 
I am a civil engineer by degree. I moved to Columbus, Ohio after graduating from Missouri S&T because I was offered a job at American Electric Power's corporate headquarters. I quickly discovered that sitting in a cube, day-after-day, was not my calling. So in an effort to learn something new I decided to take acting classes and I fell in love.

I took as many classes and read a many books as I could get my hands on. I managed to get involved in some commercial work and an indy film that never made the light of day, but the 168 was the first time I worked on a movie that resulted in a final product. It was also one of the most professional settings I had been on to date as well. The G&P Productions team was great and everyone involved was committed and focused. And from that project I went on to work with director Jack McClintock on three additional shorts one of which I was the lead.

Being part of the 168 Film Project helped me realize just how passionate I was about the craft of acting. It showed me that this talent I'd been given could be used to tell stories that impact and change lives. I resigned from my job as an engineer and moved to LA to act full time because I wholeheartedly believe that being a storyteller is how I will make the greatest impact that I can. And the 168 Film Project was a major part of my journey toward that discovery.

Truly grateful,
Anthony Chiles

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