Actors and The Power of "No"

Sometimes you wonder whether you are making a difference in the world. Notes like the one below remind me that indeed, 168 is a vital ministry, having a positive effect on the future of the media.

Jun 17, 2011
Dear John David,

We met you last summer. Love and appreciate what you are doing to redeem Hollywood!

Our daughter Faith felt so akin to your vision! We were excited to hear what God was doing through you (and 168). As we raised Faith and thought about all the areas she could go into, at the bottom in last place would have to be the Entertainment Industry.

But God, of course, has a sense of humor and that is where He gifted her. And after trying every other alternative, we had to admit it, at least for now, He has called her there.

Just wanted to relate an experience that you helped inspire and let you know your encouragement has helped our daughter stand strong.

Faith got an opportunity to attend (a VERY PRESTIGIOUS ACTING SCHOOL’S) summer program. She just arrived there and has finished her first week. She wasn't too shocked but reported that every single teacher there cursed like a sailor.

More surprising every single kid but two, cursed in there initial audition, sadly even those that identified themselves as Christians.

She was given a character and a script that as you may guess, cursed. (A lot of these kids are 17 or younger!? ) Faith, remembering your passionate sharing (at the seminar), and following her own convictions said she went to the teacher and said she wanted to do her best but she didn't want to have her character curse.

The teacher dug her heels in and said, "You're an actor and actor's portray real life, and in real life people curse."

Faith smiled and just said, "That may be, but its not something I want to do." The teacher was miffed and told her she would " have to go to an Administrator and get permission, not to curse?!"

She stood her ground and they came back and said " Ok, you don't have to do it in our summer program. If you want to come back next year, you will have to curse if we give you a script that curses. Score one for the Light side!

I know this is a tiny, tiny battle in the redemption scheme of things. But, it is a tiny step in the RIGHT direction.

She is being a witness to industry professionals with her class of 30 kids or so. We just keep telling her to be faithful in these small things.

Let God use it as He will. We just wanted to encourage you that she remembered you saying, If actors would just say no, things would change overnight" and that encouraged her to "just say no."

(Please) continue to share your vision with young people entering the industry. It is so necessary. It helps them catch the vision!


Anonymous said...

That is so great! Praise the LORD! It is not about pleasing man, it is about pleasing God.

jegoldston said...

I would simply do the piece and use alternate words. That's what I do in auditions. The world's acting coaches call them 'inhibitions.' I call them parameters. I will NOT say certain things, do certain things, or participate in certain things - this is a PERSONAL choice...I am not pushing it on anyone else...even other Christians...who knows if they really ARE Christians or not... So, tell your daughter 'good for her!' for standing her ground. And tell her to change the words and see what happens. either she will be berated (can she take it?) or she will be berated. It truly is a personal conviction that we have to hold to in order to keep ourselves 'safe.'
Be blessed!