Film and Trees have only "the Shoot" in Common

I came across this verse today as I was reading. The time was 8:11 AM (today is Aug. 11th). I was impressed by the extreme hopefulness of the verse and the language. Specifically, the word "shoot."

While it has many meanings, there is commonality in them. The shoot is the genesis of the tree, at least the visual part. The shoot is also the genesis of the visual part of a film. This is after long hours of planning have happened and the best possible course has been charted.

Long before the shoot, the seed has died like the director and producer have died (to self and to distraction) and soon the finish line is in sight. It's an all out war to reach the surface, to broach the light of day and announce to creation the good news of new life.

The shoot is a milestone in the life of every filmmaker's project. It is the work of your hands just as you are the work of His hands.

It is in your preparation that you determine the splendor that will be displayed on the screen and behind the scenes. The Word says that in His indefatigable strength you are able to make it glorious, part of a mighty nation. Aim high and make it count!

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herpaintedbunting.com said...

SUCH a great word!! Thanks! I'm going to pass this along as there are others who need to hear it too!