Fire on the Mountain

I went for a jog up in the mountains above Burbank. I went to a spot that offers an expansive view of Burbank. It's where I often go to talk with God. The amazing view of the city draws lovers, partiers and friends there. I jogged past a car and halfway down the steep hill, and I said "no." The unspoken question was: would I go tell the people in the car about Jesus. I didn't want to.

But, I knew from previous experience that I would feel out of sorts for awhile if I didn't do it. I had witnessed to another lady up there at the overlook some years back, and I didn't want to do it then either but I did.

I went up to the girls, who were not frightened by my sudden presence. After some small talk, I told them I come up here to talk to God. I asked them if they had lost their boyfriends. They laughed. They said they were depressed and came up to talk.

I told them that God was Bigger.

They smiled.

I told them that I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to come back up the hill and tell them that Jesus loves them. They gave me more smiles. They said that they did know the Lord.

I asked if I could pray for them. Yes. I gave a short prayer and opened my eyes to see them basking in the relief that was offered by the prayer. The prayer seemed to have cut through whatever was ailing them. Their gratitude was intense. I went on my way, knowing that their lives would be different.

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