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The 168 Film Fest is almost here and things couldn't be better. It's definitely our best year yet! God is so very good.

The latest breaking story is that Grammy Award-winning Christian Pop Rock sensation Rebecca St. James will be a presenter at our awards show on Saturday, March 27th.

Here is the nominations press release.




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On Heels of “Hurt Locker’s” Kathryn Bigelow Becoming 1st Femme to Win Oscar for Directing, 4 Out of Speed Filmmaking Fest's 7 Best Film Nominees Boast Women producers

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SNL's Victoria Jackson and Her Daughter Act as Finalists

First-time Producer/Director Jeanette Reedy Solano Up for Best Picture for “Out of the Fire" (Team 35-Glendale, CA) Hi-res Link

Co-Producer Amber Deegan Doubles as Actress On "Bountiful" (Team 17-Hollywood, CA) Hi-res Link Download

Victoria Jackson (on right, SNL Star in the 1980s) and daughter
Aubrey Wesselin "The Journey" (Team-72-Burbank, CA)

LOS ANGELES (Mar. 19, 2010) -- Nominations (click here or here for pdf) are in for the 2010 “Hearing God” edition of the 168 Film Festival (Mar. 26-27) (http://168project.com/) -- the culmination of the contest whereby filmmakers have seven days, or 168 hours, to shoot and edit an 11-min.-or-less short film based on a randomly assigned Bible verse, it was announced by 168 Executive Director Paul E. Luebbers.

“We congratulate all our nominees and welcome the world to two full days of inspiring short films that explore ‘Hearing God,’ as a part of life's experience” said 168 executive director, Paul E. Luebbers. “We have films from Kyrgyzstan to China, from South Central LA to West Texas, truly something for everyone.”

The nominated films are as diverse as the countries they come from. Two documentaries’ exotic locations include China for Clint Loveness’ (Team 23) “Let’s Start Talking,” and Israel for Sarah Williams’ (Team 31) “Desert Ark,” the story of a man building a reputation on housing Sudanese refugees.

In what appears to be a festival first, four out of seven of this year’s Best Film nominees claim female producers (in the wake of “The Hurt Locker” director-producer Kathryn Bigelow becoming the first female ever to win the Oscar for Best Director), compared with 1 out of 6 in 2009. Like Bigelow, Solano is the sole female nominee for Best Director.

The quartet of eligible female-leadership nominations for Best Film includes Solano’s (Team 35) “Out of the Fire,” “Skip Listening” (Team 3) from producers Colleen Bennett, Christopher Shawn Shaw and Josh B. Jacobs; actioner “Just Cops,” (Team 18) produced by Jessie Love and her husband-director Theo Love; and Helen Urriola’s “The Party.”
Two of the 5 Best Comedy nominees were produced in part by females, "Sumo Joe" co-producers Jenn Gotzon, Jessie Ottolini and "Skip Listening" co-producer Colleen Bennett.
“Part of the beauty of this year is seeing the advancement of some of the women, who have grown over the years and to see them step into key roles behind the camera,” founder/president John David Ware said.

The So. Calif. nominees are the most plentiful, including those from Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Anaheim and Newport Beach. The most nominated film is LA veteran David Kiang's "Forsaken," (Team 81-Culver City, CA) with 13 nods including Best Pic and Director as well as multiple acting, screenplay, sound and cinematography awards. Click here for interview regarding Kiang’s brand of "media ministry" and the hurdles of 2010.

Northern Calif. “relative” newcomer, Santa Rosa's Christopher Shawn Shaw (Team 3-“Skip Listening”) has gone from never-nominated, veteran producer to second-highest honored with 12 nominations, including Best Film and Best Comedy. Winning both would be a first for a 168 comedy. The "Skip" cast is nominated for all acting awards, and includes Deaf actress Lexi Marman and Christian stand-up comics Thor Ramsey and Robert G. Lee who are up for Best Actor and supporting roles, respectively.

Monrovia, CA producer David Gaw's comedic conceit expose "Try Hard" (Team 83) is similarly poised to take the double crown of Best Film and Best Comedy, and he is in a three-way 10-nomination tie with veteran, (& most nominated individual with seven) Mark Blitch's (Team 9) “Got a Light” from Texas, and a first-time, Glendale, CA producer/director Jeanette Reedy Solano's (Team 35) “Out of the Fire.” Blitch and Brundige’s “Got a Light” is the third comedy vying for Best Picture.

Solano and other first-timers (ever as department head) will compete for the "Newcomer Award," designed to reward (with $1000 cash) new filmmakers, including pastor-turned-filmmaker Alberto Portillo's (Team 58-Whittier, CA) “Relentless Heart,” Josh Flynn's (Team 28-Pasadena, CA) “The Ceed” and Onggo Susilo's (Team 46) “Pesan Terkirim” (Message Sent) from Indonesia.

Six-time award-winning Anaheim, CA 168 producers Jessica and Theo Love's (Team 18) have eight nods for their desert cop drama "Just Cops." And Decatur, GA producers Helen Urriola and Jim McKinney (Team 64) also has 8 noms for his coming-of-age-too-quickly drama, (Team 64) "The Party."

Up for Best Picture are: “Forsaken” (Team 81) David Kiang; “Got a Light” (Team 9) Mark Blitch, Matt Brundige; “Just Cops” (Team 18) Theo Love, Jessie Love; “Out of the Fire” (Team 35) Jeanette Reedy Solano; “Skip Listening” (Team 3) Christopher Shawn Shaw; Josh B. Jacobs, Colleen Bennett; “The Party” (Team 64) Helen Urriola, James McKinney; and “Try Hard” (Team 83) David Gaw.

Six noms each go to Caleb Brown/Joshua M. Bott (Team 57-Santa Monica, CA) and the cast and crew of “Moya” (“mine” in Russian), with co-producer Bott nominated for Best Supporting Actor, playing a gun-wielding Russian thug, and to the Amber Deegan/Susan Shearer-helmed, filmed-on-the-CBS-Lot drama "Bountiful" (Team 17-Hollywood, CA). "Bountiful" writers Shearer, Deegan, director Eric Tozzi and Joseph Osborn are also up for Best Screenplay – Drama.

Nominee for Best Production Design (Yeva McCloskey) reps the other shooting-on-the-lot-at-CBS production, "In the Company of Sinners," Mike Cahill's graffiti-laced gangland drama (Team 43-Burbank, CA).

Geoffrey Black and Jenn Gotzon's "Sumo Joe" (Team 12-Burbank, CA) is also up for Best Comedy, vying with aforementioned teams and Texas Trio: Alan Tregoning, Brandon Carmichael, Jason Walter Vaile (Team 59- Plano, TX) for "Adoptation," the story of not-so-choosy adoptive parents. At the awards, Tregoning will receive his awards for winning the 168 Write of Passage Screenplay Competition with his script, "Regular Charlie Church."

Three nominations each go to producer/director Elena Beuca's LA production, "Connectivity" (Team 62, whose crew included A-List Steadicam operator Ron Vidor who crewed on “Jaws,” “Lethal Weapon”) and to Tim Lowry and Mike Wech's "The Journey" (Team 72-Burbank, CA), co-starring mother and daughter Victoria Jackson and Aubrey (Jackson) Wessel (aged 15), who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress in her acting debut.

Click Here for interview on the Jackson's experience as well as the intense spiritual preparation practiced by Lowry and Wech (Team 72). Of her experience, Victoria Jackson said, "I'm still coming down from the spiritual high. There was no angst or nail biting to the experience - just joy. I sort of floated into the project, not even sure if I was in it or not.”

Other notable female nominees are Suzan Brown, with Jerrold Launer for Best Original Score for “Connectivity”; Dawn Smith up with Mark Blitch for Best Cinematography “Got a Light”; and Jamie McCallister, with two Best Makeup nominations on separate films (“Forsaken” and “Moya”).

Both Brandon Riley, Dave Grumme of "Rising Waters" (Team 44, Sugarland, TX) and writer Keith Wilcox (Team 42-Newport Beach, CA) of "Through My Sister's Eyes” were nominated for the Scriptural Integration Award, which measures how artfully the writers have woven the foundational verse into the story.

For the LA TIMES Article 3-1-10: click here

Click here for details on all finalist films including interviews from selected filmmakers, including:

1. Co-Stars: Victoria Jackson (SNL, 1980s) and daughter Aubrey Wessel (Team 72, Burbank, CA), 2. Getting the Most From 168: Repeat Producers and why do they keep entering (Team 72, Burbank, CA & 81, Culver City, CA), 3. Deaf Actors Hearing God (Team 3-Santa Rosa, CA) 4. Newlywed Producers in Jerusalem (Team 31, a documentary), 5. Awards Categories,


The 8th annual 168 Film Festival is at the Hope Theatre in San Fernando, Calif (Mar. 26) and at Glendale’s Alex Theatre (Mar. 27). Tickets to the screenings and/or awards show ($15-27, All Fest $40, $50 VIP) can be purchased online at http://168project.com or http://alextheatre.org or by calling the 168 at 818-557-8507 or the Alex at 818-243-ALEX.

For 168 Film Festival Awards show promo from 2009 click here

Screenings are: Fri. Mar. 26 and Sat. Mar. 27, 10:00AM–9:00PM. The awards ceremony (appx. 1 hr. long) immediately follows Sat. screenings. Parental discretion suggested for children under 12 due to mature themes. For the March 26-27th screening schedule: (click here). For pdf version: click here.

The field of 23 finalist films out of 65 submissions (all of which will be screened on Friday or Saturday) boasts 15 dramas, five comedies, one thriller and two documentaries. All finalist films were rated by a ten-member jury that includes "X-Men" producer Ralph Winter and other behind-the-scenes luminaries. In 8 years, over 450 films have been made specifically for the 168 competition.

The prize package is $18,000 in cash and prizes. Sponsors include: AJA Video, Regent University, Sony, Roush Media, Kino Flo, Inc., TubeMogul, ARRI Lighting, Video Symphony, Final Draft, and Boris Effects. EIKI projectors will provide the pictures and Edirol/Roland will provide festival playback. 
A total of 70 films, will unspool at the festival and contend for audience awards given out both nights, Fri. at the Hope Theatre, 214 Maclay Ave. San Fernando, CA 91340, and Sat. at the Alex Theatre, 216 N Brand Blvd. Glendale, CA 91203. Both theaters boast a 40-foot screen. Mature Themes – Parental Guidance suggested for kids under 12.

Presenters for this year’s splashy, two-day, split venue 168 Film Festival, starting Mar. 26 in San Fernando, Calif. and finishing Mar. 27 at Glendale’s Alex Theatre, where jury awards are bestowed after the evening screening, include Howard Kazanjian, producer “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Ken Wales, producer “Amazing Grace,” Michael Lehmann Boddicker, Grammy winning composer, John Shepherd, producer “The Stoning of Soraya M,” Jerry Jameson, director "JAG," "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," John Tinker, writer/producer "Judging Amy," "The Practice," Gary Hall, Sr. VP 20th Cent. Fox TV Post Production, Leilani Downer, writer "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," Tracy Melchior, actress "The Bold and the Beautiful,” "CSI," Sarah Drew, actress "Grey's Anatomy," "Glee" and "Mad Men,” and Tenley Molzahn, actress “The Bachelor,” and Rebecca St. James, Grammy Award-winning Christian pop rock singer.

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