Awake and Dreaming

I find myself dreaming at times yet I'm still awake.

There's a Christian on the other end of the line, yet they are spouting and spouting endless rain and tragic arguments, and not connecting with what I know of the Book... "Everyone does it. It's ok..."

What book are they reading.

With all the great excitement that comes with 70 or so films preparing to be made, there's been a steady stream of piqued interest. New interest. Self interest.

Now, I know business must be done. But, c'mon. There are principles and the faithful are faithful only if they DON'T COMPROMISE on their faith, right?

So, lately I get calls from some who want to call the shots and dictate their way and I start to feel sick. No, I start to feel a tangible presence of self over all. And it stinks.

And my friend tries to convince me to do something that ain't right because he can make money doing it.

And the arguments don't make any sense and I ain't buying it.

I know how completely hollow it feels to engage in what I know in my bones feels wrong.

And my self-interest isn't sufficient to pose a real conflict, to where I can't be trusted, so I feel safe. I feel I can be trusted.

I pray to God, thanks for testing me and letting me prove trustworthy in small things.

For, if not trustworthy in the small things, then who would trust me with true riches? Or you?

I hope that by being somewhat cryptic, I can hold onto my friends, warn them and warn others to avoid the foolishness of compromise.

I heard once that true confidence and fulfillment only comes from knowing your duty, and tho it's hard, fulfilling the call to the best of your ability. I think it's right, but the truth is elusive.

Pilot said "What is truth?" Is that is the most profound question a human can utter? I think so. (and then there's the most profound admission) But, what do I know?

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