Appointments and the power of Story

I'm really happy for Josh and Rebekah Weigel and the "Stained" crew who continue to score high marks. Most recently they were invited to screen at the San Antonio Christian Film Fest Jan 8-10. It is very rewarding to see 168ers doing so well.

"Stained" has a subtle Christian message and it definitely makes you think. Jenn Gotzon recently showed it on a speaking engagement for pregnant teens. And 3 of them tearfully received Jesus as their savior. Wow!

There is a need for all types of films in the marketplace. If all the films were overtly evangelistic, it would get pretty boring. Parables are designed to lead one to the truth and that is exactly what jesus used to speak to large crowds.

Evangelistic films must be done exceedingly well, but so often they are heavy handed and schlocky.

I want to have an Evangelista Award for the best film of this type. What do you think of that idea?

Kudos to 168 veteran director Keith Ray Putman, who's film "DOUBLE." screens at HDFEST in Los Angeles December 6th. The film stars familiar face Avery Clyde (Temp for All Seasons, etc).

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