Through Being Cool

Tonight, I talked to a friend who was going to see Bill Maher's film, "Religulous" with his church group. What? I asked. Why would you vote for more movies like that by giving them you money?

I suggested to him that if you must go, then when you are offended (that is Maher's schtick, rather than having an honest dialogue), walk out and demand your money back. That will send an even louder message than staying home.

Many Christians want to go to anti-Christian movies (like this one and "Davinci Code") so they can be "culturally relevant."

The truth is, they don't want to be different. They want to fit in. They want the right to "be cool." We all do. But, the gospel of Jesus has never, nor will it ever be "cool." As followers of Jesus, we don't have the right to "be cool."

We get the privilege of being not cool and then watching as God allows us to be accepted (by some) and respected (by some) despite sticking to our convictions.
Then we can watch as lives are changed because some of us are the real deal.

The 168 Film Project is an example of how Christians can reach out to a very strategic group of Christians and not-yet-Christians.

There are very few things we can agree on as a nation. Food is good, although you will never get a conclusive agreement on which food is good for everyone. Clean air and water is good, though zero agreement will ever be had on how clean is clean enough. And everyone loves a good story.

So for 168, we let the group that is passionate about telling stories get together and tell them using the best-selling book in all of history, the Bible.

Throw these ingredients into the pressure cooker and bake for 168 hours:

-People of all faiths, or no faith at all,
-Their dreams within reach (Being a Filmmaker)
-The Word of God
-A deadline

The results are magic. We have made over 300 short films in 6 short years.

Please see the website for more.


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