Will Smith's "Hancock" a Foul-Mouthed Disappointment

Dear Blog,

I was so excited for the new Will Smith movie that I let the guard down. I didn't even look at a review, so strong was my opinion of Smith and his ability to choose quality roles. I was not prepared for the ugly words that came from the mouth of the homeless superhero.

Sh--, Bit--, ass---- were frequent refrains as the characters in the movie painted Hancock as an insensitive jerk for his eventual (predictable) chance for redemption. I was shocked and disgusted.

Against my instincts, I continued to watch, thinking that Smith (and the movie) would turn around and stop the foul language. It continued nearly the whole way through to the end.

The movie is disturbing in it's flirtation with and easy acceptance of adultery and it's uber intense and disturbing violence and graphic images of blood, guts and superhero suffering. Really icky stuff, especially when I was expecting a feelgood flick from my ol' buddy Will.

Yes, Sony has a reall winner on their hands with this disturboriffic picture. To me it's a bait-and-switch, Appatowic slippery sloping, disgusting, revolting development that will tarnish Smith's squeaky reputation and serve to cram even worse language into the MPAA rating system. No, I don't care that it has made over $100 Million! This movie will offend a significant part of its audience and they may think twice before going to the next Will Smith movie.

SO WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT? All of the ratings for the MPAA are handled out of their Sherman Oaks office in LA. The Ratings Chairperson's name and email is: Joan_Graves@mpaa.org.

I intend to start a dialogue with the MPAA. It must be done if we are to avoid the future of even uglier words being allowed into the stories our children hear. A large enough outcry will make an impression and change will occur!

Peace out!


lizajanie said...

Here! Here! Thanks for standing up in the face of "popular opinion" to speak the TRUTH! And I am thrilled that someone in Tinsel Town is willing to form relationships with the movers and shakers to let our Christian voice be heard. Go John!!!

Anonymous said...

I highly commend you for taking a stand against profanity. The worse kind is taking our Lord's holy name in vain. Hollywood continues to do this in about every film. The Lord is not pleased with us spending the money he has blessed us with and giving time to watch a movie that profanes his name.
Great job you are doing in bringing awareness to Hollywood that that are many people that will not see their films because of this profanity.

Leslie said...

Thank you for your comments. I was wondering about the movie, then read Christianity Today's article at:
and it sounded like it should be okay, because the article didn't mention the language. But, after reading your article, I went back and checked again and found, after the article, under the box titled "Talk About It" (which I never read) is a box titled "The Family Corner" in which they did address it.
Before the Lord redeemed me, I cussed. But now it distracts and irritates me. Ironically, I don't think most people who use and/or are not bothered by such language would even miss it, if it wasn't there!

Thanks again. I keep praying for God to redeem the tv and entertainment industry...

John David Ware said...

Redeeming Hollywood starts with educating the faithful here. That is one of the things we are doing with the 168 Film Project. Teaching people to learn about God and his word. Teaching them to make Him more important than their dreams, their glory or their visions.

How big are your dreams? If you can achieve them on your own, then they ain't big enough.

Praise Jesus!